How to Help


Help us in providing a better future for our scholars!’ La Rose Noire Foundation believes that by helping the underprivileged youth, we build a better chance to our communities and the nation. You too can contribute to our advocacy by helping us serve more. Get involved by supporting our programs: scholarship, training, and livelihood .

Your time is one the best gifts to donate to La Rose Noire Foundation and there are lots of interesting ways you can get involved. Find out more and start making a difference today!

Volunteer Services needed:

Spiritual Formation

Socio-psychological Formation / Values formation

Guidance and Career Counseling

Academics, Resume Writing, Job preparation, On-the Job Training

Additional skills training

Food Servicing, Housekeeping, Food Processing, Barista Services, other skills training related to food and hospitality services

Other activities that will promote the welfare and development of the scholars of La Rose Noire Foundation.